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Santa Ornaments a Huge Hit

The holidays have passed us and I finally have time to reflect on the last couple months. Thank you all for your encouragement and your business in 2014. I am still excited to have had the opportunity to display and sell my work at The Bright Lights Craft Fair at Memorial Hall. One of the hot sellers there were the “Our Santa” ornaments. I came up with the idea to turn my photos into ornaments a few weeks before the event and ended selling out within hours. The process of making them includes harvesting a white birch tree, cutting it into disks, drying the disks, fitting a photo to the disk, 4 coats of glue and sealer, drilling, and tying. The process soup-to- nuts takes no less than 5 days. A second batch was created to meet the demand on a first come first serve basis. At that point, I ran out of wood. Now that portrait photography has slowed down I look forward to making more of these in the long cold winter months. If you are interested certainly let me know. There is no maximum to order at this time. I hope you all have a great 2015.

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