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Miranda & Adam Got Murried

Thanks to everyone for their patience. Miranda and Adam were married nearly a month ago at a friend’s property. The Bride, my first cousin, is one of my best and first friends. I was honored to stand next to her as she married her companion and lover of nearly ten years, Adam. Of course I wanted to do their photos too which left me with a unique circumstance. I had to hand over my camera (but only for a little while)! Our great friend Katharine and my boyfriend Chris were monumental in capturing this day and as you’ll see, they were superb. Chris did great during the ceremony and I’m so in love with Katharine’s candids of wedding guests. (She's also responsible for the title of this post). Together we were able to create this compilation for the Bride, Groom, and their families. Enjoy!

Elemental Ring Blessing by Suzanne Strattner

An Irish Blessing by Katharine Green (Friend of the Bride)

That Kiss!!!!

That Lasted A While....

My accomplices snagged this shot of me!

Guests enjoying Cocktail Hour