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A Beautiful Beginning

Keri and Mark have Faith. Faith in each other and Faith in the weather. Their wedding day started with rain, mist, and low hanging clouds. With love from above, rays of sun were beaming down as the couple exchanged their wedding vows. Surrounded by family, friends, and the children they share, Keri & Mark started their life together as husband and wife. The couple will move into their new home in a few months time and plant their butterfly bush. It too was given its start during their ceremony. Accents of their property and their new home surrounded them with wood from trees they had felled while clearing their land. My experience with this couple was that they already were Home. Their respect, love, and affection for one another was undeniable. Home is a feeling after all.

There are too many meaningful moments to mention that I witnessed as part of this day. Some so personal, I will not be sharing. There was love for family, the giving of gifts, a time of fellowship, and an overall abundance of the feeling that is love. Surround all that in the beauty that is the Inn at Valley Farms and this is what you get….

Keri & Mark, it was an honor to be invited to share in this most beautiful and perfect day with the two of you. Your love is indescribable. There are so many aspects of this day that are hard for me to put into words so I will not say much more…. Congratulations and Thank You!

Their Butterfly Bush

A kiss .....

Some rain forced us back into the barn. Mother Nature knows best...

What started as mist, sprinkles and clouds turned into this...

Officient: Jane Rokes

Catering: Phat Racks BBQ Company, Walpole, NH

Cake / Cupcakes: Judy Johnson (friend & co-worker of the bride)

Flowers: Vera Flora Farm , arranged by family and friends

Hair: Page King at Studio H

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