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Happiness in a Hayfield

"The gods of the valley are not the gods of the hills, and you shall understand it." - Ethan Allen

Kayla & Andy did it their way, in their Vermont hills in a family hayfield. This celebration and it's guests must have gotten rained on at least three times but nothing dampened the spirit of this fun and joyous event. There were Carhartt's, guitar picking, country music, haybales, and tractors. It was my kind of party. I was particularly entertained by Kayla's horse Drifter and his desire to eat her bouquet.

Kayla & Andy chose wisely the cooks. Their friends and family raised, roasted and served up some of the most delicious and tender beef and pork that i've ever tasted. There were plenty of side salads and "refreshments" to go around. Their beautiful homemade wedding cake (a "Ma" Boyd creation) was adorned with sunflowers and fresh picked black-eyed Susans. This wedding was all smiles and laughter among family and friends. In talking to the bride and groom it wouldn't have been possible without them.

To Kayla & Andy, I am so thankful to have been part of your day. My only regret is that Robert had to nap. If you or anyone else is wondering, there is a whole other album of photos not included here. The reason will be more or less obvious when you see them. <3 Congratulations you two! Enjoy.

Oh Drifter Haha.

I'm a crier. Every wedding has at least one moment that makes me teary. ^^ That would be it...

Food for 200+ is no small feat!


Wedding Guests...

The Cake.... By Pam Boyd

Totally unexpected to me...this is the bride and groom about a second before cake went in the face. Kayla was quick...

Clean Up

More Rain....

Venue: The Hayfield on Stone Arch Way , Townshend Vermont

Tent: Green Mountain Tents

DJ: Travis Wheeler

Band: The Boyd Men

Officiant: Scott Moore

Hair: Steph Scott (Friend of the Bride)

Make-Up: Steph Debs (Friend of the Bride)

Flowers: Becky Arabella (Friend of the Bride)

Sunflower Cake: Pam ("Ma") Boyd

Vermont-Raised Beef and Pig Roast: Mitchell Putnam (Uncle of the Bride), Patty Bills, & John Snow

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