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Nicole & Mark "Fir" Ever Together

I really struggled to come up with the words to go with these photos. I will begin by saying, they don’t make people like this everywhere. I get sentimental (surprised?) thinking about all the fun I had in college. I spent six years in school yet the only year that particularly matters was the last one. I met some beautiful and tough women as a member of the UMAINE Woodsmen's Team, turned 25 in Montreal, wrote a book about tree rings, and met the residents of 469 Stillwater Avenue (the groom, the bride, and the groomsmen).

Mark & Nicole are two of life’s adventurers and companions who’ve traveled coast to coast in pursuit of greatness always together. They are different, yet they are the same. They have a special knack for navigating all of life’s challenges with open minds, respect, and an understanding of each other. There is much to be learned from the love they share. In short, they are awesome and will continue to be awesome as husband and wife.

To my UMAINE friends scattered about New England, thanks for making the trip. This fifth wedding of my summer was definitely the grand finale because of you! Mark and Nicole, thank you for getting married and allowing me to be part of it. It was an honor and a privilege to spend so much of your wedding weekend with you. As your photographer, I appreciate the trust you had in me to capture such an incredible day. Congratulations and I’ll see you soon in the Green Mountain State! Much Love! <3

A Letter to the Groom