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Apples Abloom - Pine Hill Orchards

Only a month late on this blog posting but still an awesome reminder of what the seasons have to offer here in New England. Pine Hill Orchards in Colrain is a timeless place with a restaurant, general store, orchard tours during blossom season, cute animals for kids, and apple picking in the fall. This blog features both the pictures I took while milling about the orchard and those taken of the four families that joined me for mini-sessions around noon that day. Shooting in the bright sun made the day challenging but it was still a lot of fun. I took engagement pictures for a local couple, celebrated the fifth birthday of two of my favorite twins, did family pictures of some of my most loyal customers, and ran into an old friend from highschool and captured her adorable sons along with their new baby cousin. I look forward to this fall's apple picking themed shoot. Thank you to everyone who came to visit me in the orchard and thanks to Pine Hill for the opportunity to use the grounds as a new and unique backdrop for outdoor photography!

Engagement Session

Five Years Old Already!! ^^^

Three Very Handsome Little Men.....

So many beautiful kids!

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