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Bethanie & Dave - Farm House Wedding

The was my first time shooting a wedding in November and the weather certainly kept us guessing right up until the ceremony. Dave and Bethanie exchanged vows on the side of Town Hill overlooking the Green Mountains, Lake Sadawga, and Lake Whitingham in front of their children, family and friends. Their guest list was second to none. The ceremony started in clouds and fog and ended with sunshine. A spectacular sunset graced us at days end. I haven’t witnessed a wedding as magical as this with a bride and groom that were clearly meant for each other. They were the most in love and genuinely happy to be getting married. All real smiles here for the bride, groom, and guests alike as it seems everyone was eager to share in the excitement and witness this different kind of love. The photos do speak for themselves. To Bethanie, Dave, and your children; may you continue to smile and laugh like you did on this day! You were great and I thank you for sharing this special day with me!

Colors: Red & White

Venue: The Farm House on Town Hill Road - Whitingham, VT

Flowers: WildCraft Weddings and Celebrations - Rangeley, ME

Hair: Heather at Twin Valley Creations

Catering: West Dover Joes

Officiate: Van Warner - Whitingham, VT

DJ: Mike Rosso

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