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Driving along the Delaware

It's a pretty rare occurrence when my 'real' job brings me to unique places. In fact, it's never happened before. Sunday I struck out for Bushkill, Pennsylvania to take a class. Pennsylvania is a state I haven't intentionally visited since leaving nine years ago the day after my undergraduate graduation. I discovered last week that this place was basically in a National Recreation Area. My reward for completing the class....a brief visit to the Delaware Water Gap. The class was Comptia Security+. It was called Boot Camp for a reason. I spent 2 days in class from 8am-7pm and studied late into the night and early in the morning. I passed the test (not with flying colors) on the third day and could hardly stand to sign my name when I was done. I have never been through something as mentally draining as this was and I've stood in a room with four doctors and been critiqued on a book I spent 2 years writing. That was nothing. This test and the class leading up to it were pretty much shitty. They had very good coffee. I drank 8 cups in one day and made myself sick

Before I came home I allowed myself to stop a couple times to unfry my brain. These are the pictures I took....

Flowers around the Park Office...Geranium and Columbine

Rhododendron on the board walk....

Silver Thread Falls

Hemlock Forest

Dingman's Falls

Upper Dingman's Falls

Side Falls....more like a trickle.

Raymondskill Falls

Lower Raymondskill Falls

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