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Colorado with Chris #1

It’s taken me so long to get to these photos, I’m going to spare you the complete regurgitation of my vacation journal and cut to the chase. Chris and I spent ten days in late September touring the great state of Colorado. Our objectives were to hike, fish, try some new beer, eat good food, learn about photography, and take photos…piles and piles of photos. We hiked 15 miles in Rocky Mountain National Park, spent a day fly fishing the Big Thompson River, shopped in Breckenridge, sampled beer from nine breweries and we took 2,000+ photos combined. This blog series contains my personal favorites from my camera.

Photos from Our First Full Day in Colorado....Maroon Bells, Marble, Kebler Pass, McClure Pass

Touring w/ Rachel Brockey

Experimenting with filters at Maroon Bells State Park

Brook feeding into the Lake at Maroon Bells (below). Shot from a tripod with a slow shutter.

Aspen groves near Maroon Bells

Experimenting with a slow shutter and an upward motion in an aspen stand near Maroon Bells.

Marble.... We had originally planned to come to this town for a Jeep Tour that would take us to the Crystal Mill. We were unable to go due to the snow. While waiting to figure out what we could do next, we ate at the best and most memorable restaurant of our entire trip.... Slow Groovin' . We would never have found this place without Rachel and Marble with the snow was incredible.

Watching You.... ^

Mule Deer Doe next to the road

McClure Pass gets our vote for the most extraordinary and colorful view of our trip....This picture above is hanging in my living room. To think Miranda and I passed through this 5 years ago and never really took notice. We were beyond lucky this trip to hit it near peak foliage and with snow! Colorado <3


Driving to Kebler Pass...Sun and Moody Sky....

The Road through Kebler Pass..muddy, snowy, yellow and green.

Near Kebler Pass

Soon after this photo was taken we saw 3 buck mule deer. We spent our second night in Colorado at a hostel in Crested Butte where we ordered take out pizza and Chris fell asleep (as he always does) in less than 5 minutes....

More to come...

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