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Colorado with Chris - Crested Butte

Our second full day in Colorado was spent scrounging for shots as the snow squalls made visibility really poor and all the tall mountains were "socked" in. We woke up to snow and drove around Crested Butte on muddy backroads in hopes of waiting the weather out. Glad I wasn't driving! We didn't have much luck with photography until we got away from Crested Butte. The weather was just not cooperative.

Free range cattle...

Where's Waldo? ^

Another picture for the living room ^^

Visibility was poor....

Hunters on Horseback

Cattle herd blocking the road...

Fun fence in the snow....

The West...

We couldn't see the top of Crested Butte so took pictures of the bottom....

Changing Aspen ^^

Leaving Crested Butte area and taking pictures in Glenwood Canyon. These pictures were shot from the car through the windows. What an incredible ride.

We don't have tunnels like this around here.....

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