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Colorado with Chris Wandering in RMNP

For anyone interested in our trip to Colorado, I have finally got around to going through these images again. I am a week or so away from finishing the mother load of all Shutterfly photo books. It will be the best one I have ever made, a compilation of photos both Chris and I took.

The photos in this blog are mine from our second day exploring Rocky Mountain National Park. This time the majority of our time was spent on foot.

An injured elk we saw on the side of the road. We were headed to the Bear Lake parking lot bright and early in the morning.

We arrived to Bear Lake and started one of the park's most popular hikes to Emerald Lake. This particular hike passes by two lakes before ending at the third.

Aspen along the trail were at peak.

Nymph Lake and it's lily pads.

Nymph Lake from above.

This was one of the vistas along the trail. Not difficult to see why this hike is so popular.

Rocky Mountain National Park <3

A couple pictures from Dream Lake. The trout rising were most noteworthy here. The trail wrapped right around this quiet lake. It was gorgeous.

Almost to Emerald Lake (below)

The terminus of this trail ...Emerald Lake.

Check out that water!

Another side of Emerald Lake.

Aspen glowing along the trail.

So many evergreen trees. ^^

Nymph Lake again as we headed back down the trail.

Aspen! We completed the trail to Emerald Lake and set out for Alberta Falls (below)

The falls were really crowded and pretty difficult to photograph with the high sun and all the people around.

We left Alberta Falls for Glacier Gorge and took a shuttle back to Bear Lake. At that point we thought "what's one more". Regret was immediate as we were already pretty tired and this trail was the most difficult of our trip. It was too nice out to stop though.

And we're off to Bierstadt Lake....What's another 3.5 miles!!??

An Alpaca on the trail.

Finally made it to Bierstadt Lake.

The photograph below is a good representation of what life was like coming back on that trail. It was steep with a lot of loose rocks.


When we finally made it out into the open, the aspen were astounding in the late afternoon sun.

Time to hit the hot tub!

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