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Groton State Forest Adventures

Chris and I spent the last weekend in May camping in Groton State Forest. It was our first trip to the area. Despite all the rain this spring, we managed to stay dry. We set up camp at Stillwater State Park near Lake Groton. Mornings were spent hiking around the forest and later sitting by the campfire or visiting local breweries.

Kettle Pond Loop Trail. 3 miles....

Chris was trying to pose like the guy on his hat.

Scat along the trail....

Larger Pine Tree


I love boardwalks!!

The moss on everything was one of the highlights of this hike.

Our afternoon the first day was spent at Hill Farmstead Brewery and Red Barn Brewery.

We came to Hill Farmstead during their 7th Anniversary celebration (also a holiday weekend). Mistake....never again. We waited 2.5 hours for 5 pours, 2 growlers, and 3 bottles of beer..... The beer was delicious!

Red Barn is a hole in the wall in Danville off some back dirt road. Very cool spot.

We eat like kings when we are camping but the cooking process is certainly a slow one. Maple Balsamic Steak, Peppers, and Pasta Salad....with some of our home brew of course.

A frog on the edge of our campsite.

The second morning we hiked the Osmore Pond Loop Trail and the Noyes Pond Loop Trail. Chris did some fishing too.

Tadpole and small fry at Osmore Pond

Osmore Pond

This place was gorgeous!

Loads of trout!

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