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Spring in the NEK

I think this is the earliest i've been to Camp. Ice had been off the pond for about a week and local sugar makers were just finishing up. I have never been able to see anyone up there boil. This was a trip for doing nothing. First of it's kind in a long time. Without ice, kayaking was a must. Just thought i'd share some of my pictures from the weekend which include Norton on our end of the pond, family stuff, visiting Devost's Sugarhouse in Norton, a few birds, and turtles....lots and lots of turtles. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

I walked out to the moose bogs on 114 looking for any fresh sign. Ever since biking through there and smelling a moose it's now a daily stop for me every time we are up there. On my bucket list is to get some decent photographs of a moose. Going to need time in the woods!

Camp in Spring....some different than in the fall but still awesome.

White Birch on Blue Sky....

Devost's Sugarhouse in Norton, VT. This is the biggest operation i've ever seen. They make approximately 14,000 gallons on around 35,000 taps.

Three stacks to get the job done.

I have never seen plumbing like this before!

Child is in this picture merely to show how huge the filter press is.

Evaporator... Pictures don't do it justice.

Steve Devost is one of our Canadian associates in the north. Dad's known this family a long time from hunting on their property for 25 years or more. He doesn't mess around....Our samples were served in red solo cups.


Solo Cups for everyone...

Sugarhouse with a view.....

Enjoying a campfire next to the pond.

The point.....

Love the color of the trees and ground in this reflection.

I went for my first kayak of 2016 and turtles were enjoying their time free of the ice cold water in the sun. I got my first kayak burn and i'm still recovering. Life is good. Count the turtles, there are 6.

Turtle Here...

Turtle There....

Turtles Everywhere....

I took this photo of the siskin only to show the ice still around on isolated parts of the lake. Water was brisk to say the least. Not a good day to go in the drink

Siskin looking at himself. ^^

An elusive kingfisher....I don't have a very good relationship with this species. They taunt me. This photo is fuzzy and taken from a long distance. I've had many encounters with them while kayaking.

Pretending to be an eagle... Anyone know what this is?? ^^

I went for a walk with the family. Nephew found the gravel bank amusing.

He's so funny....

Assuring clearance while going under the tree.....

and starting all over again...

Can't wait for our next trip!!

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