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Next to a Big White House

I've been working on this blog for close to two weeks! Life is hectic. Words are what I was lacking. Spring is here and I'm spending much of time in my yard. These are from one of my April family shoots and I wanted to share them. It was midday on a weekend, bright and sunny, with difficult light but I found some shade. I tucked this family into the shadows of a big white farm house and large roadside maples. Sometimes you just need to stop your day for a few minutes, share some laughs, and solidify a few moments in time. You just never know what the future brings. Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Grandson, Granddaughter and four-legged companion rounded out the members of this family photo session. This shoot was one of those defining times for me. I learned through providing this service that something as simple as a photo session can mean entirely different things to different people. It was a real honor and a privilege!

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