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Mud Season Senior

This past weekend I made a trip up to Jamaica to take these senior pictures. It is proof that it's not too late to get these squared away and I definitely have availability for anyone who may have missed out in the fall. Miranda, her mom, and I spent an hour or so walking around her family farm. She showed me some of the highlights of the property including the river and the barn. I was told she spends much of her summer days out in the fields haying. I was introduced to her chickens, ducks, dogs, and the family's five cows. If I remember correctly the one pictured is named Bart .... or was it Bert. I can't remember. I only just met this girl and can tell she's not afraid of hard work and cow manure...Neither am I. It was a good fit. Congratulations to this member of the Class of 2016. You'll do great!

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